Candidate Information

Whether you are looking for part time, full time, weekends, ad-hoc or seasonal work we can accommodate you. We have lots of different types of positions and not all of them require experience. Below are just some of the fantastic events we have worked on.

  • British Touring Cars Championship
  • Donington Historical Festival
  • World Superbikes
  • Download
  • Stone Roses
  • Sky Show
  • Wireless Festival
  • Robbie Williams Tour
  • Royal Welsh Show
  • Peter Andre
  • Peterborough Dog Show
  • Waddington Air Show
  • British Superbikes
  • Electric Daisy
  • Classic Ford Show
  • GLA Game Fair’s
  • Olympic Park
  • Leeds Festival
  • Christmas Markets
  • Tabacco Dock
  • Lincoln 10k
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Hard Rock Calling
  • Battersea Fireworks
  • Festival of Food & Drinks
  • Wembley
  • Twickenham
  • Harlequins

Workers Information

You will be sent an assignment information pack for each individual event: Please ensure you read each guide you are sent as each site/event will have different instruction or procedures.

What should I wear?

You will be given instruction as to what to wear for each event you work at. You will be meeting members of the public and how you present yourself is very important.

In general most uniforms consist of: Black Trousers/ Skirt – Plain Black or White Shirts – Smart Comfortable Black Shoes / Boots.

You may also want to bring Waterproof Jacket – Waterproof Trousers – Sunglasses – Suncream – Food – Water – Plenty of Warm Layers.

No football shirts, logos or track-suits.

Do not bring valuable items with you – It is your responsibility to look after your own belongings. Newthorn or our clients will not be held responsible for any losses.

For Catering / Hospitality Food Hygiene Roles – Personal Hygiene

Food can be contaminated very easily when it is handled. Therefore it is essential that you maintain good standards of personal hygiene at all times to ensure that food does not get contaminated with harmful germs, dirt or ‘foreign bodies’.

Staff should

  • You should wash and dry your hands
  • wear clean clothes and an apron or protective garment
  • not touch their face or hair
  • cover cuts or sores with clean waterproof dressings
  • wash hands after blowing their nose
  • not cough or sneeze over food
  • not smoke
  • not wear jewellery, nail varnish or false nails, which might fall into food

Can I camp on site?

At some events there are camping facilities on site. You will need to check with us. You will need to provide your own camping gear and please remember to be quiet at night as you will be staying on the workers campsite.

Have another question? Call the Newthorn team in the office.