Do You Offer Pre-Pitched Boutique Camping At Your Festival?

Do You Offer Pre-Pitched Boutique Camping At Your Festival?

There are a lot of festivals that take place throughout the year which means it can be tricky for festival organisers to ensure that revellers will pick their event and not a rival’s. But if you want to guarantee that people will come flocking through your gates, keeping your stadium staff busy and not the competition’s, then you might want to consider providing pre-pitched boutique camping at your festival.

This is becoming an incredibly popular choice for campers and festival-goers alike, allowing them to really get back to nature and camp in serious style. It’s also a great way of boosting your green credentials as event organisers – all too often, people abandon their tents at the end of a festival and they end up in landfill. By providing pre-pitched camping facilities so that people don’t have to bring their own tents, you’ll cut down on the amount of waste your festival produces and also give you something unique to offer that perhaps your competition hasn’t done yet.

It certainly wouldn’t be especially difficult to organise (there are companies out there that already offer such a service, like vintage tent business Vintents, which currently offers pop-up camping at Old Chamber Farm in Hebden Bridge), so perhaps start looking into it well ahead of your next event. Depending on the facilities you provide, you could also charge people more to stay in your boutique camping site, so it could be perfect for your bottom line and back pockets as well.

One event already offering boutique camping is Noisily Festival, which has three different camping suppliers offering a variety of different festival accommodation options. For example, there are tents on offer that have hardwood bed, memory foam mattresses, 200 thread count linen and more. Alternatively, you could stay in a yurt or if people want to get back to basics, they can opt for a pre-pitched normal tent for two or three people.

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