Prosecco Bars – The New Normal

Prosecco Bars – The New Normal

Prosecco is fast becoming the new champagne and if you run a festival or an event of a similar kind, it might be worth investing in a prosecco bar… something we predict will be big news for festivals and events in the months to come.

Prosecco is simply a sparkling wine that comes from Italy (the majority of which is produced just outside Venice) and it’s actually beginning to overtake champagne in popularity, most likely because the taste isn’t that different but the cost is far lower. In face, brides all over the world are now swapping the champagne for the prosecco so they can have lots of bubbly at a fraction of the cost… good news for event organisers who have to stick to a tight budget.

There’s not a huge amount of difference between the two and it’s really just how each one is made as to what sets them apart. Champagne, for example, is fermented in the bottle and aged for a year and a half as a minimum, while prosecco is fermented in glass tanks so more can be made quicker.

There are several options if you do want a prosecco bar at your event. For example, you could keep one end of the tent bar solely preserved for prosecco fans, complete with amuse bouches and plastic champagne flutes, or you could get yourself a prosecco bar on wheels and go traveling around the festival site, offering glasses out to thirsty revellers.

Of course, it depends on the nature of your event as to how successful a prosecco bar would be but bear in mind that it is a growing trend and your festival-goers may soon start clamouring
to see one at your next event.

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