5 Pop-Up Shop Ideas For Festivals

5 Pop-Up Shop Ideas For Festivals

These days, eager festival-goers are looking for a lot more from their festival experience than camping in a field for a few days, seeing a couple of bands and going home tired but happy. As festival organisers, you need to offer them a lot more than that by way of entertainment, not least because festival tickets can be so expensive, especially when you factor in travelling costs as well. Pop-up shops are a great way of filling your festival site out with interesting stalls and booths to keep people happy. Here are five ideas to consider.

Clothing swap shop

In 2012, River Island chose to run a clothes swap shop at Reading Festival, with up to 4,000 pairs of jeans and T-shirts handed out to revellers in return for their old clothes. Those old clothes were then donated to Newlife, which recycled them for their textile value.

In Your Dreams

Really give your festival a bit of style and panache by asking intricate body and face painters In Your Dreams to open up a pop-up shop for the duration of your event. They use bindis, temporary tattoos (metallic and UV!) and hair chalks to help festival-goers have a wonderful time.

A Pop-Up Museum

This was first seen at the Aspen Ideas Festival in 2014, which had a theme of Imagining 24. Anyone could join in, just by bringing a small object, photo, design or description that represented this theme. Items could be reclaimed later by those dropping them off.


This pop-up was recently seen at Wanderlust Festival, intended to really help people relax by giving them somewhere they could go to practice yoga, sample some healthy and delicious juice, pay the apothecary bar a visit or get their hair done.

Urban water slides

Last summer saw lots of water slides set up in urban locations like London and Manchester. What a great addition to any festival this would be, guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. Just make sure you have lots of event staff looking after the slide, or it could get out of control.

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