Festivals & Contactless Payment Systems

Festivals & Contactless Payment Systems

If you want to make life easier for both your festival staff and the thousands of people who will be flocking to your festival this year, what about offering them a contactless payment system so they don’t have to carry lots of cash around with them.

For your event staff, the benefits are clear. Having to handle notes and coins, counting out change and making sure that money isn’t counterfeit is very time-consuming and when there’s a huge queue forming at the bar or food stand, it can become very stressful very quickly. Setting up contactless payment on site can take the hassle out of dealing with transactions immediately. You may find you make even more money since you’ll be able to deal with customers far more efficiently as well.

As for festival-goers themselves, not having to carry wads of cash and coins around with them when they go to see their favourite acts is sure to be an appealing and unique selling point for festival organisers to consider. It’s easy for money to come flying out of pockets in a mosh pit, but wallets can be tethered to pockets using a chain or similar, so people won’t find themselves stranded at a festival with no way of paying for food or drink.

Contactless payment is fast becoming the payment method of choice for consumers, so festivals and other outdoor events would be wise to cash in on this sooner rather than later. Figures from the UK Cards Association show, in fact, that the value of spending in this way last year was over double that seen throughout the first seven years that contactless payments were available.

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