Wireless Festivals Ups Security and Stewarding Staff

Wireless Festivals Ups Security and Stewarding Staff

If you took a steward staffing job at Wireless Festival in 2015, you might remember only too well what happened when hundreds of people gatecrashed the festival, storming the perimeter fence to enter without a ticket.

The outcome – violent clashes and arrests for offences such as knife possession – every festival organisers worst nightmare. However, it’s meant that this year, the festival is returning with a renewed focus on the security of both its staff and festival goers.

When the festival returns this weekend, it will feature ‘airport-style security gates’ according to The Standard. Festival goers will be given a full body and bag search before being allowed into the venue too – something the organisers have pre-warned on the website.

As well as extra infrastructure, more security staff and stewards have been employed to be present on the site to prevent the scenes of last year recurring.

The changes are a necessity for the festival, which in the last year faced a legal challenge from residents around Finsbury Park, who tried to fight the festival taking place in their park again. Not only did they cite the violence and issues that came with last year’s event, but also the fact that they lose a great area of their park in the height of summer each year and are left with a park with damaged grass from the some 50,000 people who attend the event each year.

The challenge was thrown out of court however, and the festival has returned with headliners such as Calvin Harris and Jess Glynne, amongst others.

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