5 Must Have Gadgets For Festivals This Year

5 Must Have Gadgets For Festivals This Year

Summer is finally here, with the hottest day of the year yesterday (July 19th) hitting temperatures of 35 degrees C in some parts of the UK – which means that festival-goers may well find that future events aren’t quite the washout that Glastonbury was. Regardless of the weather, however, here are five gadgets to take with you to help make your festival an entirely memorable experience.

Portable BBQ Suitcase

Kikkerland, £66.36

This folds away so is easy to carry and you can save lots of money on festival food by bringing your own and cooking up a storm. Your camping neighbours will be very jealous!

Scrubba portable washing machine

The Fowndry, £37.99

If it tips it down, you can get your threads clean again by using this handy little gadget. All you have to do is put your clothes in along with some soap and water, then rub it against a wall or something. Hey presto! Clean clothes!

Laser finger beams

Red5, £3.95

These’ll get the party started! Just slip the little lights onto your fingers and head to the dance tent to show everyone how raving’s actually done.

Solar shower

Cotswold Outdoor, £7

Don’t have shower facilities where you are? Use this handy little solar-powered portable shower to clean the dirt and grime off. Just fill it with water, hang it up and enjoy a nice warm shower.

Touch mini boombox speaker

Genie Gadgets, £19.95

Keep the party going when you’re back at your tent with this speaker for your smartphone or mp3 player. It comes with a rechargeable battery as well.

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