Front Of House Testing Taking Place At Secret Garden Party

Front Of House Testing Taking Place At Secret Garden Party

Something that all festival organisers will know is that revellers will always drink and take drugs at their events and there’s not much they can do about it beyond educating them about the dangers of taking illegal substances.

Now, however, one festival has decided to roll out a front of house testing policy to help drug users know exactly what it is they’re taking, with drugs tested on site for the first time ever in the UK, the BBC reports.

The scheme was run at the festival by community interest company The Loop, which typically tests drugs that have already been seized by police and security guards at these kinds of events. This time, festival-goers took their own drugs to The Loop to be tested, although whatever they handed over was then destroyed after being tested.

People were given advice about what was actually in their drugs so they could then decide whether or not to take them. One pill the news source saw being tested was made from ephedrine and caffeine, containing no MDMA at all.

One of the criticisms about this particular approach to drug-taking at festivals, however, is that it could potentially encourage people to take illegal substances instead of abstaining.

Festival organisers would be wise to work closely with local police to make sure the event goes smoothly, whether that’s handing out leaflets reminding people about the dangers of taking drugs or ensuring that your festival stewards look out for anyone who might be in trouble. Having a good first aid team on hand is also a must just in case someone does suffer an adverse reaction to something.

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