Live Nation Trials Fast Track Entry To Festivals

Live Nation Trials Fast Track Entry To Festivals

Queueing to get into a festival is the worst part of the weekend, but what if we told you that entry could soon be fast tracked, with systems introduced similar to the way fast track check-in services work at airports.

Live Nation is currently trialling this system over in the US and according to the Metro, it’s been successful at the Watershed Country Music Festival in Washington. The fast passes are available for $85, approximately £65, and will be valid for five years – although you will also have to buy tickets to the events themselves as well.

“Live Nation is always looking for ways to make the concert-going experience more seamless, and by offering fast pass we can get fans out of line and into the show even faster,” president for national sales Maureen Ford said.

In the UK, it’s certainly not unheard of for festival-goers to find themselves in a queue to get into the campsite when they first arrive for hours – and more often than not, that involves standing in the rain… which is certainly not the best way to start a weekend of camping and fun off, that’s for sure. A fast-track system would likely do very well if introduced in this country.

Until then, you could make the queueing process a bit more entertaining for those coming to your event. Why don’t you get some of those in festival steward jobs to hand out free sweets to people in the queue, for example, or offer free merchandise out? You could also get some warm-up acts out and ask them to play a few acoustic sets to keep people entertained.

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