Most Popular Festival Food Revealed

Most Popular Festival Food Revealed

Putting on a festival is a massive undertaking and, of course, everyone wants their events to be successful. But by doing your research you can help to boost your chances of making a real go of it. A new study has just revealed exactly what goes into putting on such an event – including what kind of food you should be serving!

Conducted by ParcelHero, the survey found that the five most popular foods at Download Festival are pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, kebabs and burgers, so consider having stands that sell such options if you want to keep your festival-goers happy and increase your profit margin.

It was also discovered that 1.2 million pints are drunk on average each festival, with 650,000 burgers consumed and 650,000 litres of water drunk. Meanwhile, at a recent Isle of Wight Festival (which had an attendance of more than 58,000) an impressive 1,070 burgers were eaten every hour and 35,000 pints of beer were served.

Director of Wychwood Festival, Graeme Merifield, estimates that ticket sales only pay for 60 per cent of the running costs of his festival. He explains: “The other 40 per cent is made up from pitch fees from traders and caterers, sponsorship money and our bar profits as we run our own bars.”

As you can see, running a festival isn’t as simple as finding a field, hiring some people for those stewarding jobs and putting on a few bands. There’s a lot to consider and a lot to organise, so make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and have a great team behind you if you’re planning on putting on your first festival this year. For further advice, get in touch with us here at Newthorn Events.

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