Didn’t Get Your Dream Festival Ticket? Why Not Work It Instead?

Didn’t Get Your Dream Festival Ticket? Why Not Work It Instead?

Another year, another hellish experience trying to get the tickets to your dream festival – and unless you were one of the lucky people to snag a ticket to Glastonbury in the 50 minutes before they sold out last week, you might have found yourself feeling a bit glum about your plans for summer 2017.

Don’t be so downbeat if you don’t manage to buy, or can’t afford tickets to your favourite music festival though – there is another way for you to enjoy the festival experience – through working as a steward at the event. Staffing companies such as Newthorn Events are specialists in connecting festivals with people eager to earn their keep while still enjoying a brilliant festival for free.

So what do you need to know about working as a festival steward? Of course, while you’re required to work at the event, if it is a weekend or overnight camping is required, you’ll have free time to explore what the festival has to offer.

You’ve also got to remember that if you are staying on site, you’ll be staying in the worker’s campsite – that means you’ll need to make sure you’re quiet and respectful when entering and leaving. You’ll also be required to make sure you keep up your levels of personal hygiene, as you’ll be dealing with the public – especially important if you’re in contact with areas preparing food.

Each event is different and you’ll be fully briefed before you head off on your adventure – we’ve worked with the likes of Download, Leeds and Wireless to supply workers to their fantastic festivals in the past, so what are you waiting for?


Looking for stewarding jobs? Call us at Newthorn today to see what vacancies we’ve got.

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