£419 – The Average Amount Spent On Festivals This Year

£419 – The Average Amount Spent On Festivals This Year

Good news for festival organisers and those with event steward jobs – the average amount that festival-goers will spend on events in the next 12 months is £419, with Londoners looking to spend the most at £735.

American Express figures show that men will be spending £552 on average, compared with women who’ll be forking out £281. People in Sheffield look to be spending the least at £198.

When you consider what you have to spend on tickets, travel and food, the costs of going to a festival can really creep up – especially when you factor in that you may want to buy a few new clothes, as well as alcohol.

To keep costs down, agree a budget before you travel and do your best to stick to it. Make sure you check travel prices and plan as far in advance as you can, and take advantage of any sales so that you can get everything you need for cheaper.

“The festival season is about to swing into full gear and with so many things to cross off the shopping list, from getting a new tent to purchasing those essential wellies, spending can soon add up. There are some easy ways to be a savvy spender when purchasing items needed for your festival,” director of American Express Jenny Cheung said.

Carpooling with friends is one way to keep costs to a minimum and you could also have a browse on Facebook to see if there are any local groups in your area that are planning to take a coach or two to the event in question.

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