Event Safety Tips For Festival Organisers

Event Safety Tips For Festival Organisers

When planning an event, there are many steps you need to take before the big day arrives, from organising steward staff to working out just how many people are expected to attend. One of the most vital parts of event planning, however, is coming up with an event safety guide so your festival workers and festival-goers can enjoy the festivities alike.

Come up with an event safety site plan that includes first aid points, marshalling points, collection points for lost children as well as lost property, car parking facilities and access for emergency vehicles. Keep this up to date at all times and send the final copy to the relevant local authority, as well as the emergency services.

Appoint someone to act as safety officer for the festival, who can assume overall responsibility for safety concerns. This person will need to have the appropriate training and experience for such a role. You would also be wise to appoint someone as chief steward, who can keep an eye on all your other stewarding staff and give them a point of contact if something goes wrong. Ensure that all stewards know what their roles and responsibilities are – and remember that it’s not up to the police to steward at events or train your own stewarding personnel.

When in the early stages of planning your event, make sure you get in touch with the local police, your local council, the Fire Authority and groups like St Johns Ambulance or the British Red Cross. They’ll be able to give you lots of advice and guidance on what you need to do – an essential step if you’re planning your first event and aren’t sure where to begin.

As for site safety, make sure that you pick somewhere that’s big enough for what you’ve got planned. There will need to be sufficient space for people to be able to move about freely around stages, arenas and stalls. With outdoor sites, make sure that it’s suitable to be used no matter the weather and any staging will be safe even if the heavens open. Provide suitable lighting, as well as emergency lighting, and make sure there are no trip or slip hazards that could cause people harm.


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