Campaign Launched To Prevent Wireless Festival 2016

Campaign Launched To Prevent Wireless Festival 2016

Despite the fact that Haringey Council has given this year’s Wireless Festival the go-ahead to be held in Finsbury Park once again, a campaign has just been launched that could see the event called off. If you’re hoping to find festival work at this event, it might be worth looking to see where else you can find a job just in case.

The Friends of Finsbury Park group state that the local authority has actually acted unlawfully in saying the event can move forward this year. They are now fundraising in order to mount a legal challenge to have it cancelled.

In 2015, the festival saw gatecrashers storm the event, as well as violence and serious offences like knife crime take place. Youths were filmed trying to break in by climbing over fences and ripping down barriers, while it was also alleged that residents’ gardens were used as toilets – so campaigners are concerned that this year’s festival would bring similar trouble to the area.

Approximately 50,000 people converged on the park each day for the festival last year, closing off almost a third of the site to the general public for weeks.

The campaigners are also calling on the council to be more open and transparent about how much it costs to run and maintain Finsbury Park, and work alongside the Friends of Finsbury Park to come up with alternative streams of income that are more appropriate for the size of the venue and more inclusive of the local community.

It would perhaps be wise for would-be event staff keen to work at Wireless this year to keep an eye on this story and how it progresses.

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