Seaside Festival To Be Scaled Back After ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’

Seaside Festival To Be Scaled Back After ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’

If you’ve worked event steward jobs at any kind of festival, you’ll know that when attendees are enjoying musical acts, food and, of course, alcohol, there is a need for stewards to keep an eye out for anti-social behaviour. At music festivals or events with a focus on booze, such as beer festivals, this is likely to come as part of your standard briefing, but it’s perhaps not something you’d expect to be a big problem in a seaside town celebrating their speciality seafood.

However, according to the BBC, after this year’s Oyster Festival in Whitstable took place, funding for the event has been cut thanks to reports of excessive drinking, litter and general disruption on the town’s gentile coastline.

According to reports, this year’s festival, which took place between the 21st to 31st July, was the town’s most popular ever, however, it also saw ‘unofficial’ events take place out of control of the council.

Largely barbecues, which took place late at night, saw some attendees excessively drinking and engaging in antisocial behaviour.

As a result of feedback from locals, the council has promised to re-examine the festival for next year, which may including cutting some of the £30,000 funding provided to the Oyster Festival.

The organisers dispute the claims that residents felt unsafe however, saying that “All [their] staff are trained not to sell alcohol to people who are drunk”, while stating that any incidents happened away from the festival staging area. They also say that the festival generates £2.5 million for the local economy.

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