Protect Your Ears At Festivals With ISOLATE

Protect Your Ears At Festivals With ISOLATE

Protecting yourself against tinnitus should be a top priority for those with festival steward jobs. Listening to music at a certain level for a prolonged period of time can have a seriously damaging effect on your eardrums and hearing, but there are ways in which you can protect yourself if you’re worried.

ISOLATE ear protectors are currently under development, with a crowdfunding campaign set up on Kickstarter where it’s the number one project in the UK and number five in the world – so it seems that they’ve captured the attention of basically everyone.

Apparently, these ear protectors work by reflecting sound away from the ears, where traditional earplugs absorb sound which is seemingly less effective. They come with custom designed memory foam tips, so sound can be reduced dramatically without it being distorted or muffled. As a result, live music actually sounds clearer while also being safer for your ears – so you might actually end up enjoying your festival experience more if you give the ISOLATE protectors a go.

They’re also reusable and have been designed for lifelong use so think of it as an investment, especially if you do go to a lot of festivals each year. Of course, they’re not restricted just to festivals and you can wear them wherever you are to block out noise – perfect if you have a long commute to work and back each day and don’t want to be bothered by anyone else on public transport.

And, as ever, if you’re on the lookout for festival work get in touch with us here at Newthorn Events to see which festivals we’re working with in the future.

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