Protecting yourself against tinnitus should be a top priority for those with festival steward jobs. Listening to music at a certain level for a prolonged period of time can have a seriously damaging effect on your eardrums and hearing, but there are ways in which you can protect yourself if you're worried. ISOLATE ... Read More
A petition has been launched by the father of a teen who died on the first night of T in the Park this year, calling for age restrictions to be enforced at music festivals in the UK. Chris Bell, 44, set the petition up on website, asking that the age ... Read More
Something that all festival organisers will know is that revellers will always drink and take drugs at their events and there's not much they can do about it beyond educating them about the dangers of taking illegal substances. Now, however, one festival has decided to roll out a front of house testing ... Read More
Summer is finally here, with the hottest day of the year yesterday (July 19th) hitting temperatures of 35 degrees C in some parts of the UK – which means that festival-goers may well find that future events aren’t quite the washout that Glastonbury was. Regardless of the weather, however, here ... Read More
As a festival organiser, you may well find that artists increasingly start asking questions about your green credentials before they agree to headline your event. According to the Daily Record, five musicians from Scotland - Jo Mango, Admiral Fallow's Louis Abbott, RM Hubbert, Rachel Sermanni and The Pictish ... Read More
If you took a steward staffing job at Wireless Festival in 2015, you might remember only too well what happened when hundreds of people gatecrashed the festival, storming the perimeter fence to enter without a ticket. The outcome – violent clashes and arrests for offences such as knife possession – ... Read More
The majority of people go to festivals to have a good time and nothing more but you'd be naive to think that crime doesn't take place at such events. It's certainly not unheard of for personal belongings to be taken from tents while festival-goers are out in the arena enjoying their favourite ... Read More
Good news for festival organisers and those with event steward jobs – the average amount that festival-goers will spend on events in the next 12 months is £419, with Londoners looking to spend the most at £735. American Express figures show that men will be spending £552 on average, ... Read More
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Those of you looking forward to your stewarding jobs this summer and beyond should make sure you’ve got the best tent out there for your festivals, so you don’t have to worry that it will have fallen down or got blown away while you’re doing your shift at ... Read More